The Little Shaman now runs online workshops a few times a month. The limit is 10 people per workshop date. Please use the form below to reserve your seat. The link to attend will be sent to the email you provide when you reserve your spot, so please use an email you check.


Available Workshops

Creating Boundaries: Learn how to create, enforce and use boundaries. If you need hands-on help with boundaries, this workshop is for you.

Information covered includes: 

  • What are boundaries? 

  • How do boundaries work? 

  • What do boundaries look like? 

  • What is boundary ambivalence? 

  • "No" is a complete sentence! 

  • Why some people have trouble with boundaries 

  • How to create boundaries 

  • Dealing with guilt over boundaries 

  • When you have to walk away

  • Role-play practice


Exploring Your Shadow: Learn about Shadow Work and how it can benefit your life. Coming Soon


More being added soon!