Survivor Stories: I can live without the narcissist and will continue to!

It started two years ago. He was very uncommitted from the beginning. I didn't see the signs right away. Then it quickly became all about him. What he liked to eat, where he wanted to go. When it came to the holidays, he made up many excuses not to go to either family. Mind you, he always went to see his own family by himself.

He was also bipolar. Had a psychotic paranoid break and ended up living with his parents. Again, 8 months of totally ignoring me! When he got his own apartment again, he would stay with me. I mistakenly let him. Then he ghosted, blamed me. Pitted his parents against me (flying monkeys), never gave me his new address, etc... The last straw was when I got really ill and it was all still about him. He started acting very needy (fake). I came to the conclusion that I would be attending to his needs for the rest of my life. I needed help! So I abruptly ended it. Even blocked him from my phone, all Emails and social media. This was about 6 months ago. I’m doing great! Now when I think about it, it’s a total turn off! This is someone I thought at one point I couldn't live without! Well I am and will definitely continue too!