Survivor Stories: I'm In a Better Space Now.

I did not know what I was dealing with. My narc portrayed themselves as a life coach. Their feed was always spiritual, creating zen events and always giving advice on dating. Always saying how in love they were with their life. What I experienced was completely the opposite. I’m a very easy-going, friendly person. I could not pinpoint what this monstrous personality was. Every time I was nice friendly and polite, this narc was always on deck ready to shoot me down. Anything I said, shot down. Over and over. If someone else would say the exact thing I did, they would be praised and given a shout out on a post on how amazing that person was to say something so profound. It was a dual personality for sure. Possibly more.

Online, this narc seemed to have it all together. Therefore, wanting to share love and peace to the world. Not so in person. Offline, this narc was constantly provoking fights. Saying inappropriate things. Pushing the limits just to get a reaction. Loved to say things that made people uncomfortable, as if to see just how much they can get away with. Online, this narc needed a lot of self-praise. Saw themselves as high class. Offline they behaved badly, had poor table manners and lacked refined, classy social skills. Their image did not match their actions. My mind was so twisted, like a roller coaster trying to figure this out and heal from all the wounds they left.

This went on for a few years. Every day, even still today I’m dealing with being haunted by what they did, what they said. I’m still trying to figure how to completely erase them from my memory and move forward. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon the Little Shaman that I understood what was happening. This narc wasn’t smart. Very predictable, in fact. I just didn’t know how to explain the turmoil they were causing within me. Each time I listened to the Little Shaman, things began to make sense. I got a lot of clarification and validation from this.

Now it was A + B = C, the narc. Everything the Little Shaman said was crossing all T’s and dotting all I’s. Little Shaman, you were nailing this narc to the wall on every post. Now I knew what I was dealing with. How to heal and protect myself. Why things happened the way they did. And what to do. I learned my narc was a Grandiose Narc, who would love bomb all over social media. Heavily into magical thinking. How their world really is and not what they portray it to be. How they have this internal battle going on. Why they throw tantrums.

I realized this narc was just fooling everyone. They aren’t spiritual or zen. They just use that to lure in more victims to feed their supply. This totally made sense and explained why this Grandiose Narc is addicted to online dating. It’s perfect to provide supply to fulfill their needs, then just toss people away and continue to the next. This narc just learned to speak with conviction to be a convincing Life Coach. Their razor-sharp words, games and actions is not what a real Life Coach would advise or do. This is when I realized this Grandiose Narc could potentially be a dangerous person to the weak. Hence, why it would never work between us. This narc knew they couldn’t run their game on me.

I endured years of this verbal and mental abuse. Trying to figure out where I was doing wrong. Why we could never find a middle ground. Why we couldn’t be friends. Why it was so difficult to get along. It made no sense. Every interaction I had always had me asking, “Where is the nice Life Coach from online? The adult in front of me who is throwing another 2 year old tantrum is not a Life Coach.” I was so confused. Why was this narc always charming and pleasing to everyone but me? Why are they so hot and cold? Why does this narc make up a lot of stories? Why does this narc always try to flip the story, and never can admit they were wrong? Through the help, clarity and explanations of The Little Shaman I was able to heal quicker.

I’m in a better space now since I can now distinguish what their actions were. I'm less stressed because I understand what this personality is and how they move about in the world. This Grandiose Narc is not in my life. Although I’m still dealing with having survived this Grandiose Narc, my anxiety is no longer triggered. I’m no longer shot down at every turn. Thanks, Little Shaman.

Mel M.

Survivor Stories: Thank God For Friends.

I met him at work. He presented as a kind, healing, spiritual person. We became close very quickly. Text messages several times a day. I thought he was my soul mate. It seemed he needed me. Then I started making him upset with something that I said. I was constantly explaining and putting out fires. I remember re-wording text messages over and over before I sent them, hoping he would not get upset. He wanted to start a business and needed help with a website. I sat with the web designer (who he constantly criticized). He wanted a donation button on the website. I used my bank and personal info since he had no credit and lots of debts. He used the donation button to get money from another woman, I found out later. She is now his current supply. I suddenly could do nothing right. I went from the pedestal to the ground very quickly. Ghosted. Verbally abused. Told me I was crazy when I called him out on the account. Raged at me.

By the time he dramatically discarded me I was defeated, lost and could not get through a conversation without crying. I thought I was what he told me I was: useless, old and crazy. Thank God for friends, channels like The Little Shaman and therapy. I finished school and got a degree. I lost the fifty pounds I put on when he left. But it was the most  devastating experience and the hardest thing I have ever had to get through. Tough life lesson. These people will destroy you if you let them. I think he wanted to see me suicidal or arrested. It has been a while now and some days are still hard.