Survivor Stories: Thank God For Friends.

I met him at work. He presented as a kind, healing, spiritual person. We became close very quickly. Text messages several times a day. I thought he was my soul mate. It seemed he needed me. Then I started making him upset with something that I said. I was constantly explaining and putting out fires. I remember re-wording text messages over and over before I sent them, hoping he would not get upset. He wanted to start a business and needed help with a website. I sat with the web designer (who he constantly criticized). He wanted a donation button on the website. I used my bank and personal info since he had no credit and lots of debts. He used the donation button to get money from another woman, I found out later. She is now his current supply. I suddenly could do nothing right. I went from the pedestal to the ground very quickly. Ghosted. Verbally abused. Told me I was crazy when I called him out on the account. Raged at me.

By the time he dramatically discarded me I was defeated, lost and could not get through a conversation without crying. I thought I was what he told me I was: useless, old and crazy. Thank God for friends, channels like The Little Shaman and therapy. I finished school and got a degree. I lost the fifty pounds I put on when he left. But it was the most  devastating experience and the hardest thing I have ever had to get through. Tough life lesson. These people will destroy you if you let them. I think he wanted to see me suicidal or arrested. It has been a while now and some days are still hard. 


Narcissists, Borderlines & Psychopaths: How to Deal With Gaslighting

In this episode, The Little Shaman explains what gaslighting is and discusses how to deal with it, including techniques to stop it for good.